Monday, August 22, 2011

Katlama is one of my favorite dishes. it is tredisshional snack. when i was 15 i visited kasur city where i ate Katlama and i loved that.I tried to make Katlama many times and i found this best recipe by searching many Cooking Channel recipes. i hope u will too gona love it...


Ingredients for Dough:

Flour:                                       1/2 Kg
Salt:                                         to taste
Oil:                                           4 tbsp


In a bowl add flour, oil, very little salt and add water slowly to knead and leave for 10 min.

For coating:

Red chilli powder:                    2 tbsp
Red food colour:                      ¼ tsp
Salt:                                         to taste
Tomato:                                   3 lightly boiled
Dry coriander:                          2 tbsp
Cumin seeds:                           2 tbsp

Egg:                                         1
Pomegranate seeds:                2 tbsp
Ajwain:                                     1 tbsp
Oil:                                           for deep frying


In a bowl add red chilli powder and lightly beaten egg, salt,cumin seeds (crushed) , crushed coriander, ajwain and pomegranate seeds, mix them well. Remove skin from tomatoes and blend in blender with ¼ tsp red food colour. Mix this mixture in egg mixture. Put fresh coriander before applying.


Make ball from dough and shape it like a chapati now make marks with the help of fork or knife so that oil can pass through from it
Now coat it with the tomato paste, put the non coated side in the medium heated oil wait for 3-5 minutes till one side is cooked than rolll on the other side down and let it cook for more 5-8min. You can make katlama with mince or potato.
Serve katlama with coke.



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