California Roll Up

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Turkey breast (deli shaved):                    4 slices
Mozzarella cheese:                                1 slice
whole wheat flour tortilla:                       1
(Makai Ki Roti)
cucumber:                                           4 thin slices
avocado(magar nashpati):                       4 slices
alfalfa sprouts


Take tortilla along turkey breast and put cucumber, cheese, avocado slices, ½ cup sprouted. Make rolls and cut them in two pieces. Cover them with plastic cover and give them to children for lunch.


Hamburgers recipe

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hamburgers recipe

Ground beef:                                       2 ponds
Egg beaten:                                       1
Dry bread crumbs:                              3/4 cup
Evaporated milk:                                 3 tablespoons
Worcestershire sauce:                        2 tablespoons
Cayenne pepper:                                1/8 teaspoon
Cloves garlic, minced:                         2

Cooking Method:

Heat a grill on a high heat. Then take a large bowl and mix all the ingredients. Then shape the mixture into 8 hamburger patties. Oil the grill lightly and grill the patties both sides for 5 minutes. Hamburgers are ready to serve.

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Fruit salad for kids

Saturday, October 1, 2011

fruit salad for kids

Apple (coarsely chopped):                                          1 medium
Bananas (sliced):                                                       2 medium
Fruit cocktail (drained):                                               1 (17-oz.) can
Miniature marshmallows:                                        1 1/2 cups
Lettuce leaves:                                                            ½ bundle
Beaten topping:                                                          1 1/2 cups frozen
Sweetened whipped cream:                                          for topping
Maraschino cherries (halved);                                    1/4 cup drained
How to make:
 Take a large glass bowl put all the ingredients excluding the mashed cream topping and lettuce (salad leaves). Then mix ingredients lightly. Garnish with lettuce leaves and mashed cream topping. 
Suggestion: It is better to serve instantly, or cover and keep it in refrigerator till the time of serving. You can also garnish it with cherries. 

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