Zinger Burger

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zinger burger
 Zinger burger-Zinger burger is one my favorite food. when ever i  invite my friends in  my home prepare zinger  burger for them. its also the favorite food of children, usually i make it with crispy chicken but it also give the best taste with fish. Try it, and tell me know how you found it...


Burgers:                                                4
Chicken breast:                                      2  (make 4 thin slices of it)
Rice flour:                                              1 cup
Corn Flour:                                            1 cup
Plane Flour:                                           ½ cup
Mustard Powder:                                    1 tspn
Black Pepper:                                        1 tspn
Salt:                                                      1 tspn
Chinese Salt:                                         ½ tspn
Chicken Powder:                                    1 tspn
Baking Powder:                                      1 tspn
Eggs:                                                    2
Mayonnaise:                                         as required
Salad leaves:                                         4
Cheddar Cheese slices:                         4 (optional)
Oil:                                                       for deep frying


Black pepper:                                       1 tspn
Salt:                                                    1 tspn
White vinegar:                                      1 tbspn


1. Cut each burger from the center horizontally and heat them for a minute in the oven or microwave.
2. For fried chicken click on the recipe of crispy chicken.
3. Now place a salad leaf on one of the side burger coat some mayonnaise and place a piece of crispy chicken on it cover it with side piece of burger.
4. Do the same for other burgers.
Serve zinger burgers with ketchup or chili garlic sauce and any of soft drink.