karachi Paratha Rolls

Thursday, August 4, 2011

karachi Paratha Rolls

karachi Paratha Rolls karachi Paratha Rolls are the favourtie food among youngistan.. I am also a very fond of it especially when it is full of chicken...
There are lot of shop’s but its not an easy to go there specially in busy routine so here I am sharing one of my favorite recipes which are mouth watring & easy to Cook. The Reason behind  is the quality of the products so you may enjoy hygienic and tasty foods “ kun k ghar kay khany ki baat hi kuch or hai…:)
  i) Dough ingredients: 

Maida - Plain white refined flour:        1 Kg
Salt:                                                    to taste
Water:                                                to make dough
Cooking Oil:                                       3 table spoon

Method of Dough:

Make dough by combining all these items. Cover it with damp cloth and keep it in room temperature for one hour.  Make small sized ball daar parathas, fry them in ghee till golden.
ii) Tikka Masala Ingredients:

Salt:                                                     1 1/2 Tea Spoon
Turmeric powder:                                 half tea Spoon
Cumin seeds:                                       1 table spoon
Red Chili powder:                                3 table spoon
Oil:                                                      3 table spoon

Method of Tikka Masala:

 Dip all the ingredients in oil and place aside.

iii)  Filling Ingredients:

Chicken bone less:                               1 kg
Tomatoes:                                           3 in large size
Onion:                                                 2 large size
Capsicums:                                          3 large size

*Cut all above ingredients in Julian(Cutting vegetables in long & thin strips of same size)
Vinegar:                                               6-8 table spoon
Chili Souse:                                          5-8 table Spoon

Method of Filling:

Take souse pan add oil and heat it for 3 minutes add vinegar, chili sauce and Tikka Masala in it.
Cook it for 5 minutes add chicken and cook it for 10 minutes, now add onion, tomatoes and capsicum. Cook it for 5 minutes.


Take one paratha, add filling and roll it gently. Serve karachi paratha rolls it with Ketchup and cock.