Chicken Pasta Macaroni

Friday, August 12, 2011

Salam friends,
It’s so yummy and easy to cook Chicken Pasta Macaroni recipe, I have tried it several times, try it and give me comments...
Chicken Pasta Macaroni

Chicken Pasta Macaroni Ingredients:

Long macaroni (boiled):                    ¼ kg
Shell macaroni (boiled):                    ½ kg
Oil:                                                 1 table spoon
Onion (chopped):                              2 small
Garlic (chopped):                              2 cloves
Salt:                                                to taste
Chili powder:                                     2 tea spoon
Chicken (or chicken cubes):              ½ kg or 3 cubes
Tomato (pealed):                               4 large
Vinegar:                                            ½ cup
Soya souse:                                     ½ cup
Chinese salt:                                     1 tea spoon
Green chili (mashed):                         3
Black peeper (mashed):                     2 table spoon

Take a pan; add onion and garlic, cook till brown. Add salt, chili powder, tomatoes, vinegar, soya souse and chicken and cook well, do not dry it. It’s chicken gravy.
Take another pan. Boil pasta in 3 kg water add 1 table spoon salt and 2 table spoon oil.
Now add pasta in chicken gravy, add Chinese salt, green chili and black peeper. Mix it well and place on fire for 3 minutes.
Serve Chicken Pasta Macaroni hot.