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Karahi Gosht- easy recipe

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Karahi gosht could be every ones favourite dish. yesterday tried to make something simple and tasty for dinner and the results were surprising. I added a some of spoons of yogurt to it and that made it more juicy and gave smoothness to the gravy as well.
Karahi Gosht- easy recipe

Karahi Gosht- Easy recipe
Lamb:                                                  1kg
Medium size tomatoes:                         5 to 6
Whole green chillies:                            3 to 4
Garlic ginger paste:                              1tbsp
Red chilli powder:                                 1 tsp
yogurt:                                                5 tsp
salt:                                                    to taste
Black pepper :( freshly crushed):          1 tsp
oil:                                                     2 tbsp
Ginger flaks:                                       1 tbsp


Put the meat in a karahi. Add the garlic and ginger paste. And fry on medium heat until any water dries up. Then add 3 glasses of water to meat. Mix and cover and let cook on medium heat. Until meat is tenderized.
Once the meat is tender and looks cooked, add the following ingredients: yogurt, oil, salt, black peppers, and red chilli powder. If there is still some water remaining in the pot, increase stove heat and constantly stirs and let the water dry. Then add green chillies & tomato. Lower heat and cover pot and let cook on low heat for 5-10 minutes.
Once tomatoes are softened. Keep stirring until water dries up. Karahi Gosht- easy recipe is ready garnish with ginger flaks and serve.



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mun main pani a gya hai ye recipyes dakh k yr i like it yr

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hmmm yammy yummy.. very tasty ..i like it yaar

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hmmm yammy yummy.. very tasty ..i like it yaar

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hmmm yammy yummy.. very tasty ..i like it yaar

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