Sunday, September 18, 2011

Irish stew recipes are one of the best with lamb or mutton, Its Feels heavy to cook recipe but how to make Irish stew recipe with simple method here I am going to tell you. So enjoy and make it at home and send me the pictures of Dish.  
Irish Stew

Irish stew Ingredients: 

Lamb or mutton chops:                                   Two and a half pounds
Potatoes(sliced):                                               eight
Turnips (Shaljam):                                             four (cut into pieces)
Onions:                                                                four small (cut into pieces)
Water:                                                                   nearly a quart


Take some chops of mutton. Place them in stew pan in vary layers of potatoes and chops. Put turnips and onions. Transfer in almost a quart of cool water. Cover stew pan tightly. Allow it to simmer smoothly till vegetables is ready to mash and the bigger part of the gravy is absorbed; then place in a dish.
Serve your Irish stew up hot.