Cold Coffee Recipe

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cold Coffee

Cold coffee is popular all over the world. Serve this cold coffee with ice cream with the choice of moreover vanilla ice-cream or chocolate ice-cream. You can even shake the any of the ice-creams in the coffee. You can also serve with crushed chocolate on top of the coffee.

Cold Coffee:

Milk:                                        200g
Ground Sugar:                          3tsp
Cream:                                    2 tsp
Instant Coffee:                          1 tsp
Ice cream (any flavor):              1 Scoop
Ice cubes:                               to taste


Put ice, sugar, milk, coffee and ice cream in a blender and blend for 2 minutes.
Take a glass and put mixture in it. Now add ice cubes and ice cream scoop on top.
Serve Fresh Cold Coffee.



Deeksha said...

Nicely presented. Looks tempting.

Huma said...

Thanks Deeksha..
keep with us.We will bring more new and unique recipes.