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Crispy Chicken

Monday, September 5, 2011

Crispy Chicken


Chicken:                      1 kg
Egg:                            1
Red Chili:                     1 1/2 table spoon
Turmeric:                      1 tea Spoon
Salt:                            11/2 tea spoon
Con Flour:                    1 cup
Water:                         1 cup
Ginger Paste:               1 table Spoon


Add all ingredients in chicken for 15 minutes except of ginger paste
After 15 minutes add ginger paste and  fry all pieces gradually on  low flame.

Crispy Chicken is ready.
There are as many "secret recipes" for fried and crispy chicken. Crispy chicken is most popular recipe. Some swear by soaking the chicken overnight in buttermilk. Others give their chicken a soak in brine, a dunk in beer batter, and a light coating of seasoned flour--or a roll in breadcrumbs or crushed saltines.

The best way to discover your favorite method is to experiment with different seasonings and techniques until you hit on your perfect preparation.



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